Mark Ruggieri Celebrating 40 years at Polek & Polek

Mark wth JP

Mark Ruggieri has been with Polek & Polek since 1976 where he started as a warehouse clerk in the tiny garage in John Polek’s (founder of P & P) home when Polek & Polek was first started. Mark would drive packages to UPS because the business was too small for pick up service. Mark was then promoted to Sales Executive. He is the top salesman for our company. Mark has reached many plateaus during his years with Polek & Polek and has garnished many awards during his 40 years in the industry. July 14, 2001 was declared Mark Ruggieri Day at Polek & Polek. Mark has surpassed numerous records and has set the precedence for the rest of Polek & Polek.

Mark is known around P & P as the “copier encyclopedia”. He knows just about everything about copiers, parts and supplies. He is outgoing, friendly, always ready to help you and just one heck of a nice guy. Mark is married to his wife Jackie, whom he met at Polek & Polek so many years ago and has 3 children, Christie, Steve and Kelly. He belongs to the Italian American club in the town he resides in. He was born and raised in New Jersey.

Here's what Chris had to say about Mark...

Mark Ruggieri

I am the only person to have known Mark during his entire 40 year tenure with Polek & Polek. I first met Mark when I was just 12 years old! It is a rare opportunity to have an individual work for a company for 40 years, let alone witness their entire career accomplishing it. I am proud of that experience, and working together with Mark is one of the reasons I enjoy coming to the office every day.

Mark is one of the most loyal people you will ever meet. I am grateful for having him as a cornerstone of the Polek & Polek team. I have said this numerous times before, and I will say it again because it is true: Mark Ruggieri is to Polek & Polek, what Mickey Mouse is to Disney World! There are quite a bit of stories over 40 years. One that I will always remember is when Polek & Polek first started selling toner. Our office was a lot smaller back then in Cedar Grove, and there was not enough space to hold the hundreds of cases of toner we had to stock. We decided that

we could stack the toners like a brick wall along one open wall of each individual office, and in the main office area. I remember Mark and I would help the warehouse staff unload the truck, and start building the walls of the office with toner. As the office would start to look bare, we would know there was another shipment of toner on the way! Everybody who worked in the office literally saw the toner move in and out the door! Congratulations on 40 years Mark! You have only just begun!

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