Polek Designates Items as Peak Performers!

Polek Peak Performer

Polek & Polek are happy to announce the additional designation of Peak Performing Items to their online store.

Our compatible Kyocera cartridges top the list of our Peak Performers with compatible Ricoh toner coming in second.  Swingline Staples round out the top three Peak Performers which is not surprising as they are the #1 brand in stapling worldwide.

What qualifies an item as a Peak Performer?

  • Minimum 12 months experience out in the field
  • Items must have a 99.5% or higher success rate out in the field
  • Item must maintain 99.5% or higher success rate for a rolling 12 months

Look for this new category on our website or when you log into your account.

“Peak Performers have to maintain their recognition month in and month out. We look forward to a growing list of Peak Performers as our newest products qualify when they pass the anniversary of their introduction date.” says Chris Polek, CEO.

“How would you like to have an unfair advantage over your competition? Our Peak Performer products can be your Secret Weapon to drive in far more revenues and profits year after year!” says Chris.

Get these Secret Weapons!

I want to kick my competition to the dirt!

Give us 5 minutes & we will show you how you can use our Peak Performers to beat the competition.


Polek & Polek, headquartered in New Jersey, is a well-known distributor in the imaging industry. Family-owned and operated for 2 generations, Polek & Polek has been increasing imaging dealers’ profits since 1974. We are a leading distributor of MFP, copier, fax, and printer supplies and offer a wide line of compatible products for use in the most popular brands; products such as toner, toner cartridges, developer, photoreceptor drums, kits, fuser and cleaning rollers, blades and more.

Please visit us at www.polek.com for more information.

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