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of profits without changing prices, units sold, commissions, or type of units sold.

We have developed, tested and refined a program that customers are using to not only increase profits, but to kick the competition into the dirt as well. And with year end goals to meet, the timing for you could not be better.


  • Step 1 - Click here to identify your top selling qualified models (takes less than 30 seconds)
  • Step 2 - Click on the automated savings/profit calculator to instantly determine your added profits based on the targeted number of machines you plan to sell this quarter (15 seconds)
  • Step 3 -Call Polek & Polek at 800-526-1360

The added profits are scientific and measurable in advance. You see, when you save up to 30% on toner over a 5 year lease, these "seemingly small" dollars really add up. In fact, for every 50 machines, based on which segment they are, the added profit from Polek & Polek could range from $70-$101K. In a quick call, we can provide the details and apply the strategy to your unique business and circumstances.

Once again, click here for the link to our 60 second MFP Profit Calculator.

Polek & Polek has a line of color toners for current Kyocera Mita*, Ricoh* and Sharp** models that we have had great success with this past year.

How You Can Use the Savings/Profits:

  • WIN MORE DEALS!: Want to beat the competitors, regardless of crazing pricing they you can. Use the added savings as a stragegy to grow your machine base by winning deals where you previously lost.
  • FUND INVESTMENTS: Use added profits to fund those business investments that were on hold because they were not in the budget.

Review this information with your sales leaders.  If this added profit leverage would help you place more machines in proposals that you are walking away from, or being outbid on, then set up a meeting to discuss the next steps that would need to take place to implement a successful program.

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